Two weeks ago, Denny Civic Solutions had the honor to attend the Early Childhood Education Summit in State College, PA.  We were there to listen and learn, but also present on our client, the #StrongMomStrongBaby campaign, and their work to minimize the negative impact that postpartum depression has on both infants and new mothers.

DCS’s own John Denny and longtime collaborator Ray Firth talked to attendees – comprised of early childhood educators, doulas, and family service providers – about #StrongMomStrongBaby’s fight to automatically qualify the infants of mothers who screen as high-risk for postpartum depression for Early Intervention tracking, screening, and (if needed) services.

A bill designed to do just that is expected to move through the General Assembly in the upcoming session.  The bill’s primary co-sponsor in the House, PA State Representative Tarah Toohil, joined John and Ray at the ECE summit via Skype.   Representative Toohil talked passionately to the attendees about her experience as both a foster and adoptive mother, and why she wants to make sure all new moms and babies get the support they need.

Research shows that children of mothers with postpartum depression are more likely to experience developmental delays and neglect – and that the existing Early Intervention program is the best way to prevent that from happening.

Help support the #StrongMomStrongBaby campaign by liking and following on Facebookand Twitter, or by signing their petition (already 700 signatures strong).

Finally, we want to extend our thanks to the partners and hosts of the Early Childhood Education summit – PACCA, PHSA, and OCDEL – for having us.