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By John Denny

I hate this discussion, but it’s one we need to have.

If this year’s presidential election has taught us anything so far, it’s that something has gone truly wrong with our political system. At the very best, you could argue that it’s a bit broken – and even that is no good for any of us.

In this op-ed piece by David Brooks, he points to Bernard Crick’s book

In Defense of Politics, which convincingly demonstrates how, at its core, “politics is a way of ruling divided societies without undue violence.” The only other option – which we know is no option at all – is a dictatorship.

The mere fact that we’re even talking about such a distinction leads us to a sobering conclusion: we have to fix our political system.

Denny Civic Solutions, working alongside our client The Pittsburgh Foundation, has been undertaking a “Listen and Learn” tour to find out what concrete steps we can take to repair our political system.

Clearly, this is an important effort and issue for all of us.  Stay tuned and feel free to hop over to our Facebook page to share your thoughts on what can be done to fix our broken system – or if you even think it’s broken at all.

In the meantime, happy reading: David Brooks, “The Governing Cancer of Our Time”