We’re thrilled to announce that Denny Civic Solutions has begun working with ACTION-Housing who, in collaboration with their partners at Regional Housing Legal Services, are working to expand a crucial Pennsylvania tax credit known as the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).

The NAP tax credit is a perfect example of a public-private partnership that truly works. Administered by Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), the tax credit empowers companies to be good neighbors by donating directly to projects helmed by local charities in the communities where they live and work. Programs funded through the NAP range from the construction of affordable housing units, to job training, to supporting food banks, to eliminating blighted properties, installing community gardens, and more.

As part of our work with ACTION-Housing, we’ve helped develop the interactive map above with NAP success stories from across Pennsylvania. Take a look, and discover for yourself some of the amazing work that the tax credit has helped fund in your own neighborhood.

We’re proud to help lead the charge to increase a tax credit with a 100 percent success rate that makes a real difference in our community. Despite its status as the oldest active tax credit in Pennsylvania (it was created in 1968), the NAP credit hasn’t seen an increase in its $18 million allocation in decades. ACTION-Housing, along with their coalition partners, think that it’s time for that to change. We agree.