Denny Civic Solutions is proud and excited to be working with the Three Rivers Mothers’Milk Bank, a new collaborative effort of healthcare and nonprofit professionals dedicated to helping vulnerable babies and drive down healthcare costs.

The idea is simple, but brilliant.  Get lactating mothers to donate their extra milk to the Milk Bank so that it can be used in area NICU units where mothers have a hard time producing enough milk and where the breast milk can help prevent devastating health conditions for the baby.

“We are excited to partner with Three Rivers Mother’s Milk Bank,”said John Denny.  “Our focus will be to help them tell their story to the right audience in the right manner all designed to gain start up financial support.”

According to Denise O’Connor, Founder of the Milk Bank, “the use of pasteurized donor milk from screened donors is now the standard of care for the majority of NICUs across the country and the medical community of Pittsburgh is excited about the prospect of finally having this service available in our region.”

Denise added, “There are few others in our community who have the relationships, understanding and skills that John Denny and Denny Civic Solutions have to help us build the kind of support we need.”