Denny Civic Solutions is thrilled to announce the start of our work with our newest client, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (PCNP).  For three decades, PCNP has worked to promote and enhance the vital role of nurse practitioners (NPs) in Pennsylvania’s health care field, recognizing the distinct perspective their extensive professional development and unparalleled capacity for patient care grants them.

We’re proud to begin working alongside PCNP this spring, as we enhance their effort to secure the right for Pennsylvania’s NPs to practice to their full capability within our Commonwealth.  Unlike an increasingly large percentage of states across the country, Pennsylvania requires nurse practitioners to submit to mandated collaborative agreements with physicians, meaning that they essentially have to secure permission from a doctor to perform a number of services they are already fully educated and qualified to deliver, from conducting physical examinations and assessments, to ordering diagnostic tests and prescribing medications.

Nurse practitioners are a group of highly-qualified, readily-available health care professionals that are able to play a significant role in PA’s health system, helping to reduce the enormous caseloads on our doctors (who are facing a massive shortage that will only get worse in the coming years) and increasing the amount of personal care and attention that patients receive when they need medical care.

We’re excited to throw the weight of our extensive civic campaign experience behind PCNP and our state lawmakers as they introduce bipartisan legislation this spring that will finally let Pennsylvania catch up to national standards of practice, provide incentive for the graduates of PA’s 29 university NP programs to seek jobs in their home state, and make our medical system more competitive on a national level.

“John Denny has been an incredible resource to PCNP and helped us to provide clear, consistent messaging that would impact change for not only nurse practitioners, but the patients we provide care for,” said PCNP Executive Director Susan Schrand.  “He worked very quickly to begin building our campaign, and I highly recommend Denny Civic Solutions to any organization working on creating change.”

You can read more about PCNP and what they do here: