We’re thrilled to announce that Denny Civic Solutions is partnering with Catalyst Connection on an exciting new effort called the Making Your Future campaign. The campaign is designed to help grow the next generation of manufacturers in our region, connecting them to great, well-paying careers while addressing our growing manufacturing workforce shortage crisis.

Making Your Future will highlight the exciting nature of domestic manufacturing today. Our region in particular is leading the way in advanced manufacturing techniques that demand high-level design skills and talented, creatively-oriented workers. Denny Civic Solutions, working hand-in-hand with our friends at TrailBlaze Creative, Green Dot PR, and StartUptown, are developing a plan giving potential employees an inside look at some of the groundbreaking work already being done in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Making Your Future is the brainchild of Catalyst Connection, one of Pennsylvania’s six Industrial Resource Centers (IRCs). It’s a private, not-for-profit organization headquartered here in Pittsburgh that serves 12 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. They provide consulting and training services to small manufacturers, accelerating revenue growth and improving productivity. Through active collaboration with clients and the manufacturing community at large, they contribute to the growth, vibrancy, and ongoing robustness of manufacturing in our region.

We’ve been fans of Catalyst’s work for a long time, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside them to help make a real future for Pennsylvanians from all walks of life.