Denny Civic Solutions Mission Statement

Helping Underdogs Achieve Really Great Things,”

It’s that simple, and that strong.  Everyday we come to work dedicating ourselves to helping the voiceless win. 

Whether its advancing paid family medical leave, assuring that teenagers with disabilities can work in integrated settings at competitive wages, passaging legislation to help mom’s suffering postpartum depression, getting public funding specifically to mentor children of incarcerated parents, or nurse practitioners full practice authority,  nothing excites us more than the opportunity to change hearts and minds on issues impacting those we serve . . . our clients!

Denny Civic Solutions Philosophy

A word on our company’s philosophy — or “the way we do things around here.” There are four overriding parts of our company’s philosophy:

Integrity First

The backbone of our firm is integrity — in our work, the only thing you have is your reputation.

Live It

Thoroughly understand the issue, the environment, the audience, the team, and the timing. Become an ingrained part of the team.

Give More Than You Get

Civic campaigns almost always require 24/7 attention and focus. We don’t stop working at 5:00. With Denny Civic Solutions, you can count on us to be there.

Always Act with a Sense of Urgency

Civic campaigns may not have a definitive start date, but they always have an end date when success or failure will be determined. We bring a sense of urgency to all that we do.