On Thursday, October 15, Amachi Pittsburgh, a client of Denny Civic Solutions, hosted a memorial vigil for DeSean Fountain, a 14-year-old Pittsburgher whose life was cut tragically short by a senseless act of gun violence.
DeSean had been involved with Amachi Pittsburgh from the age of six. After his death, the Fountain family wanted to work with Amachi to pay tribute to his life and call for an end to such violence. The DCS team worked alongside both the family and Amachi to organize the vigil.
Ultimately, a crowd made up of family members and friends, police officers, and political and religious leaders heard a call to end such tragic violence in our communities. Too many children of incarcerated parents wind up victims of their parents’ crimes, and far too often these children fall victim to other crimes – much like DeSean.
The memorial vigil, which was covered by local TV and print media, served as an introduction to Amachi’s “Victims No More” campaign, which aims to prevent the children of incarcerated parents from winding up in jail and perpetuating the cycle of crime and poverty. Prevention programs, like the long-term, hands-on mentoring provided by Amachi Pittsburgh, are crucial in helping these children lead long, full lives. All too often, these children are otherwise ignored by society, and the prevention programs that do exist are underfunded. Victims No More is working to change that.
DeSean Fountain was taken from this earth far too soon. Join us and work to honor his life by organizing, mobilizing, and working to help every child achieve the life they deserve – and be victims no more.