Did you know that in Pennsylvania someone who tries to buy liquor with a fake ID can have their driver’s license revoked? The same goes for things like simple possession of marijuana and other controlled substances.

No driver’s license means no car. And all too often, no car means no job.

Sadly, there is a long list of violations that can result in a suspended license for PA residents whose offense had nothing to do with driving a car. Without a license, getting and holding a job can become impossible – meaning that the consequences of a minor violation can end up lasting a lifetime.

Denny Civic Solutions is proud to partner with an incredible network of advocates who know the time has come for common sense reform to the Commonwealth’s criminal justice system. The Driven to Work coalition, the Pittsburgh Foundation, and the Allegheny Conference/Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce are just some of the groups working to support HB 163, which would end the practice of suspending licenses for a host of non-motor vehicle related violations – offering hope for a better, more productive future for thousands of nonviolent offenders.

We join these organizations in asking you to sign the petition encouraging our lawmakers to pass the bill this fall, in the few remaining days of this legislative session.

The bill has already passed the PA House with overwhelming support, and once it moves out of the Senate Transportation Committee, it will go to the full Senate floor for approval. So sign the petition to get connected with us, email/call your state legislator, and let them know it’s time we gave our laws a second look – and gave thousands of Pennsylvanians a second chance.