By John Denny

john-headshot-resizedWhen I first approached Stephen three years ago about joining me as partner at Denny Civic Solutions, I did so because of his impressive body of work – we had crossed paths repeatedly over the years, especially through the Campaign for What Works, and I was consistently awed by his professionalism, his inherent talent for writing, and his depth of knowledge on all things relating to media relations and public policy.

Yet once Stephen accepted my offer and we actually started working together, I realized I had actually gotten far more than I bargained for. Namely, it wasn’t just the quality of Steve’s work that was so impressive – it was also the quality of his character.

Stephen Drachler is someone whose decisions and actions are grounded in an ethos of ethics that I admire deeply, and seek to emulate in my own life. Over the last two years, he has become nothing less than the very conscience of our company.

In every aspect of our work, he has served as my guide for how we treat our clients and our employees. He possesses a fundamental goodness, a basic sense of decency that grows from his very core and extends outward to everyone he touches. It goes without saying that he will be sorely missed.

I want to thank Stephen for not only making us a better company, but also – through his work, his dedication, and his kindness – making us better human beings. I join everyone in the Denny Civic Solutions family in wishing him nothing but the best as he begins his next adventure.