If you haven’t seen it already, John and Denny Civic Solutions were featured in a fantastic piece by Joyce Gannon over at the Post-Gazette.  The piece highlighted John’s extensive experience in political campaigns, his wealth of expertise with managing civic campaigns, and his current work with the Campaign for What Works.  Some highlights:

  • During a stint as a program officer with the Hillman Foundation, one of Pittsburgh’s most prestigious philanthropies, John Denny frequently found himself frustrated not to be more involved with hands-on strategy for the nonprofit and community groups that received the foundation’s grants.  “Giving away money was the easy part,” he said. “That’s the old approach of philanthropy: to give money and be hands off.”
  • His ease with networking and ability to reach the right people in business, nonprofit and government sectors is an asset, said Roger Cranville, the honorary consul for Canada in Western Pennsylvania who formerly held executive positions with Global Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.Mr. Denny’s business model is likely to benefit the region, Mr. Cranville said. “We have a plethora of nonprofit organizations and foundations that are navigating government relations. And nobody has greater knowledge of those organizations, the foundations and the links between them than John.”

We definitely encourage you to head over to the P-G website to read the whole story!  As for all the attention — shucks, let’s just say we’re flattered.