With all the client success we’ve seen this year, it should come as no surprise that our team at Denny Civic Solutions couldn’t do what we do without help from our team of dynamic, forward-thinking collaborators. We’d like to say goodbye to 2016 with one final “thank you” to the people that help us do what we do, better.

Donna Malpezzi of DMMConsulting is essential to so much of the work we do here at Denny Civic Solutions. As strategic counsel, Donna draws upon her 35-plus years of experience in state government – much of that as General Counsel for the Senate Majority Caucus and Chief Counsel for three Majority Leaders – to help guide our clients through all stages of the policy and legislative processes.

When it comes to crafting and delivering a message that truly resonates with an audience, Pittsburgh-based Blender Advertising is darn near unbeatable. Whether it’s designing and mounting hugely successful social media campaigns, creating attention-grabbing outreach materials, or drafting a press release on a moment’s notice, Blender never ceases to blow us away.

Ray Firth is our partner when it comes to all issues and campaigns dealing with children, mental health, and, most recently, lead poisoning. Ray’s working knowledge of every aspect of human services delivery, from the state to the county level, is impressive. But his lifelong, tireless dedication to the people who use those services is something else altogether – inspiring.

Brand design, web design, digital marketing, public relations – Shift Collaborative can do it all. We love working with Shift because you can always depend on them to bring innovative new ideas to the table, then put in the time to make them a reality. It doesn’t hurt that they’re a heck of a lot of fun to work with, either…just try their “ExerciseSHIFT!”

It’s difficult to imagine someone who understands how the complicated Pennsylvania human service system really works than Brian Baxter – and even more difficult to imagine someone we’re prouder to work with than him. As our “Explainer-in-Chief,” Brian makes our lives easier by translating the complicated ins-and-outs of federal and state regulations into language everyone can understand – even us!

We’re still not sure how she does it, but Darice Nagy at Green Dot PR consistently pulls off an incredible feat – as a lean, small-business oriented PR agency, Green Dot consistently outperforms the big firms while offering the same full service experience. As a small business ourselves, we appreciate those who can do more with less. But it seems like Green Dot can do everything with less.

As the founder of the startup incubator and community-based workspace StartUptown, Dale McNutt knows a thing or two about innovation. We’re lucky to benefit from his knack for putting a fresh spin on things whenever we need outreach materials in a hurry, and his professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched.

We extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of these partners, and we’re eagerly looking forward to accomplishing even more in 2017 with you at our side.

The happiest of holidays from the whole Denny Civic Solutions team!