Here at Denny Civic Solutions, we’re always glad to see our friends and clients make the news.  And boy, are our friends at the Campaign for What Works making waves this spring.

This week, news outlets from across the state have picked up C4WW’s efforts to rename Pennsylvania’s Dept. of Public Welfare to the Dept. of Human Services.  It’s a name change that’s long overdue, one that recognizes the reality of a system that spends less than 7% of what it does on ‘actual welfare’ programs, and one that puts PA in line with 48 other states around the country.

Check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s coverage of the heavily-supported legislation, introduced in both the Senate and House, that would rename DPW by clicking here.  The article also does a great job of spelling out C4WW’s role in getting the name change ball rolling.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you check out this Philadelphia Inquirer article on the same (featuring a quote from none other than our own John Denny!) by clicking here.