#StrongMomStrongBaby: Campaign Earns National Advocacy Award

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As you plan your holiday giving this year, we encourage you to consider a gift to support the ongoing efforts of the #StrongMomStrongBaby campaign.  You can donate here to help moms and babies across the Commonwealth, simply by entering “#StrongMomStrongBaby” in the in honor of box. Our continued work with the #StrongMomStrongBaby campaign has given us a lot to be proud of – and even more to be thankful for. That work has...

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DCS, Steelers & Chuck Noll Foundation: Working to Build Something, Together

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Launching a new foundation can be a daunting prospect. As with any major endeavor, there are a whole host of factors to consider, regulations to navigate, and strategies to develop. Yet oddly enough, the general principles are the same as they would be for building the other type of foundation (the kind you’d put under a house): you need to plan meticulously, find the right people to do the job – and start from the ground...

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Making Your Future Launch Event: DCS Marks Manufacturing Week with DCED Sec. Davin, County Exec. Fitzgerald

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While our own John Denny tends to favor the snowy depths of January, the rest of us at the DCS office simply love the month of October.  It is, after all, the time for jackets, falling leaves, apple cider, and Halloween. It’s also home to another yearly tradition (and an important one, at that): Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week.  And our friends and clients at Catalyst Connection know how to mark the occasion in style. So this...

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Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank: Taking a New Nonprofit from Idea to Action

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The United States has the highest infant mortality rate among the world’s 27 wealthiest nations. For every 1,000 babies born here, six will die. A baby born in the U.S. is three times more likely to die than one born in Finland or Japan, and – in some parts of our country – a baby is actually more likely to die than in countries like Lebanon, Botswana, or Bahrain. How can this be, when the U.S. claims to have the most...

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