Lemons, Lemonade, and the Nonprofit Double Standard

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Want Pennsylvania’s nonprofits to maximize their impact?  Want them to have dynamic leaders and staff that can serve their community in the best way possible, while leveraging those donation dollars into real, lasting social change? Well, listen up.  We need to talk about lemonade. Well, more specifically, we need to talk about lemonade stands. Lemonade stands have always been great for a whole lot of things – teaching your kids...

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I Came, I Saw, I Followed: Find Denny Civic Solutions on LinkedIn!

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You’ve liked us on Facebook.  You’ve been following us on Twitter.  Well, now Denny Civic Solutions has decided to grow up, cut its hair, and get professional – we’re on LinkedIn! Follow us to get all of our news and updates, connect us to your own business, and join our growing professional community of allies and friends.  It’s easy – just follow the button below (or click that fancy “in” icon...

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