Listen First, Learn Second, Lead Third

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Some people seem to have an innate ability to lead, guiding others with a strong, assured personality that makes his or her decisions seem almost inherently right. These leaders almost seem to have an inner voice that tells them exactly what to do next. They don’t need to (or sometimes simply won’t) listen to others when making decisions. For this type of leader, General George Patton comes to mind. But I prefer a different...

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What Makes Civic Campaigns so Different?

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There are all different types of campaigns – fundraising campaigns, military campaigns, and political campaigns to name a few. But there is another type of campaign, one that we consider our specialty at Denny Civic Solutions – civic campaigns. Civic campaigns can seem a lot like a political campaign at first glance, but there is one big difference: Political campaigns are about politicians trying to get the votes of citizens. Civic...

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